Shopify Workshop | Build Your Store In A Day

Shopify Workshop | Build Your Store In A Day

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Are you a maker or small business owner who is looking to get their business online? Or maybe you already have an online store but want to know how to use it inside and out? 

When: NOW. Join today and you will be added to our facebook group and can start working through the modules immediately. 

Where: Facebook. This is a fully virtual workshop with pre-recorded Facebook sessions, and a private Facebook Group. You will need a facebook account to participate. 

What we will cover: 

  • Store set up, and basics of creating an account. 
  • Themes and templates. How to edit them and make them your own with out needing to code ANYTHING.
  • Adding Products, collections, and getting organized. Also things like product weights, cost of goods, and SEO (search engine optimization)
  • Shipping. This is the single hardest part of setting up a store and takes a lot of time and research for what works for your individual products. We discuss solutions, go over calculated rates, and places to get shipping supplies etc. 
  • The Admin. This is the backend of Shopify that you will be looking at the most. There are all kinds of nooks and crannies to enter info and we will cover it all. Also this is where we will set up your payment method of choice so you can get paid. 
  • How to use all of the built in tools and what apps are worth adding (and paying for) and which aren't. 
  • Discount codes. How to make them, how to use automatic ones and when to use each type. 
  • Point of Sale and Admin Apps for your phone. 

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