Shopify Help Sessions

Shopify Help Sessions

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I will be the first to tell you Shopify has 24 hour free merchant support, but if you've chatted with them and still need help or want something more in depth then this is where I can help you out. 

These Shopify Help Sessions are 45 mins long and can cover anything to do with setting up a Shopify store, or maintaining it. I will walk you through it, offer best practices that can work with your business and workflow, if need be A few examples include:

  • How to buy a domain and set it up.
  • How to set up shipping rates and decide which method to use.
  • Adding products. 
  • Adding staff members.
  • Small tweaks to make your site look better. 
  • You are stuck and can't figure out how to do something. 
  • Consulting on your options for shipping.
  • Someone to talk through ideas, plans, etc. and help you figure out how to make it happen.

This particular service is for people who already have a Shopify store. Once you've registered a booking link will be emailed to you to schedule a call via Google Meet (this requires a gmail account).