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Danielle has learned through many years of experience and self-learning how to do some of the tasks that may seem overwhelming to small business owners. From building your Facebook and Instagram accounts to sorting out issues with shipping on your Shopify store, Danielle can take those headaches off your hands. If you want to learn how to do it all but have no idea where to start Danielle is happy to coach you through it so you know for next time. Don't see what you need on the menu? Contact us and we will see if we can help you get started today!



Don't have time to sit down and actually make the pages and accounts you need to get started? Not an issue. Danielle can build your pages with your branding and information, then hand it over to you, OR continue on with adding posts. Some of her past clients include Real Estate Agents and a Full Service Cleaning Company.

Inquire about social media account set up.


Pretty much every business needs some kind of presence online. The issue with relying on social media for that presence is you don't own it and it can change at any time. What you can own though is a website. It can be something super basic that just has some information like: location, contact, and services. Or it can have an online store, scheduling, a blog etc. That is up to you. Danielle is available to build your small business website on either Squarespace or Shopify depending on your needs. 

Want to start building your online presence with a website or e-commerce store? Contact me.


Want to learn how to do it all for yourself? Danielle lives to show people how to use technology for their business. She can provide regular coaching sessions on how to do any of the services she offers and is available to jump in if you run into an issue. Danielle will never make you feel silly for not knowing something, she just wants you to be confident in your business. 

Want some coaching on how to get your business on social media? Ask.


Are you starting from scratch and need some help to get going? Danielle can build you a custom package that will help you get your business out there and seen. This would include a combination of any of the services Danielle currently offers. 

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