why yes, i am fat.

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Danielle McAllister

Danielle is a Youtuber, maker, and Shopify Expert. Her content centres around plus size fashion, inclusivity and giving you a behind the scenes look at her business. Danielle started her Youtube channel 5 years ago by teaching herself how to film and edit videos, now it's grown to over twenty thousand subscribers and three million + views.   



  • I can bake cookies using a cardboard box, bbq briquets, and tinfoil.
  • I have a medal that was awarded to me from the Queen. 
  • I interviewed Drake, and Jamie Foxx all in one day (it was the LONGEST day of my life). 
  • I have been sewing since I was 5 or 6 years old.
  • About 90% of the books I read last year were erotic novels. 
  • I read 242 books last year.
  • My favourite book of all time is still The Giver. 
  • I HATE tomatoes but like salsa as long as it has gone through the blender. 
  • I think Cheesecake needs to be its own food group. Specifically the Baked Cheesecakes in a Jar from Cheesecakery Bakery
  • I am way cooler on the internet than I am in real life.