What It's Like To have Your Period While Fat

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Listen, I think there is a general consensus that periods suck but as a fat person it can be even more annoying because of a lot of outside forces. In this video I went to my instagram audience to get their stories and start a discussion on what products we use, our struggles, and a quick first impressions review of Revol Period Undies. 

I purchased all the Revol Undies myself in a few different styles and when I reached out to them they offered a 10% discount code. You can use DANIELLEGIVES10 to save 10% on all regular priced products. 

Also Revol sent me an awesome update that coming this fall their size range will be going up to 8xl which is amazeballs in my eyes. AND they also said that all of their products are sewn in Vancouver, BC Canada, they pay their employees a fair living wage and they get health benefits! Revol also sends all of their scraps to a textile recycler so they produce almost no waste. This is amazing info as brands are not normally so upfront about these things. 

If you want to save 10% on your Revol order use the code DANIELLEGIVES10 at RevolUndies.com

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