What is "Fat Washing" in Relation To Size Inclusivity?

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Fat Washing In Size Inclusive and Body Positive Brands

I'm not the first or last person to say that brands are trying to capitalize on the body positive and size inclusivity movements. They want the money us Fats have and will do shady stuff to get it sometimes. This includes making it seem like they have a wider size range than they really do. 

So what is "Fat Washing"? Well, think Green Washing but for fat people. It's where brands say all the right things when it comes to expanding their sizes, wanting to be more inclusive, putting larger models in their campaigns etc. But in the end they do the bare minimum. They expand their sizes from a 14 to now go up to 20 instead of going to a 30 or 32. The brand uses a model who is visibly larger than their usual size 2s but actually is only a size 8. Of course they're going to look big next to a very thin person! 

There are also the brands that offer "inclusive sizing" up to a 6xl but don't cut the clothes in actual plus sizes. Most fat people know that a straight size 4xl is really the same as a 2x in plus sizes. These brands get to capitalize off all the hype they get from small fats and mid-fats and promote themselves as being for every body. When really what they mean is for every body as long as you're not super fat. 

Personally I think the worst case of Fat Washing is saying you're expanding your sizes to say a 10x and then when the measurements are compared to a standard Plus Size retailer they don't come anywhere close. When a 10x will still only fit a size 1x in plus sizes then you aren't being inclusive at all. 

I've also seen where a brand uses a plus size model who is not really plus size but is still bigger than the average model, in a bid to capitalize on their size, but they don't actually offer the size the model wears. 

All of this and more is Fat Washing. The world at large is being sold the ideal that there are lots of options for the fats, when in reality if you are a size 28-32, live in Canada and identify as female, you have two easily accessible stores to shop in.

Some actually inclusive brands I love to shop from: 

- Penningtons

- Torrid

- Universal Standard (affiliate link)

- Daily Rituals via Amazon (just search it on Amazon)

Yeah thats pretty much it and two of those can only be bought online.  Doing the bare minimum is not going to fly anymore. What brands would you shop from if they offered more sizes? 


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