What Happens When A Fat Person Doesn't Wear A Bra?

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It is a universal truth that bras suck. They dig in and rarely fit properly without having to spend a bajillion dollars on them. So I wanted to see if I could comfortably wear no bra for five days. Then of course I made into "content". 


Alright so I'm just going to say it... not wearing a bra when I've been wearing them since I grew boobs in grade 5 was a weird and freeing experience. 
I constantly felt the need to hide the fact that I wasn't wearing a bra with baggy and shapeless clothes, but on a day where I wore a more form fitting top no one noticed. Or if they did, they said nothing. In fact NO ONE SAID ANYTHING ALL WEEK. I was so sure that people would be pointing and laughing, gagging in disgust or even say mean things right to my face. There are two possible reasons why no one pointed out my bralessness: They were too nice (Canadians) and knew it was none of their business OR they just didn't care. 
During this week the only time I put a bra on was when I had a business meeting with a male client. It was not a matter of wanting to look professional or that he might harass me. No it was that I new his ultra blunt personality would have him point it out loudly in a busy Starbucks. Also I hate explaining to people that "I'm doing a thing for a video" because it changes their responses. 
What did I get up to in a week with no bra on? Let's see... I worked from home, which is pretty normal, I forced my self to go in to Subway to order food instead of having it delivered, I sat in Starbucks and worked for 5+hours, I visited one of my stockists and delivered new products, oh and I covered a last minute day at the independent shop I work at. It was a normal work week for me. All done without a bra on. Still just as effective at my job and life. 1000x more comfortable. 

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