How To Start A Youtube Channel on a Budget

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How To Start A Youtube Channel For No Money

Starting a Youtube channel can be intimidating. Don't think about it too hard and just make your first video today! It seriously won't cost you much and you may have what you need already anyway. 

Yes it would be awesome to start out making slick well produced videos with the fanciest most expensive camera. That just isn't a reality though. If you wait to have the right/perfect equipment you will never start. 

So what do you REALLY need to bootstrap a Youtube channel together. 

1. Camera: Most people have at least a smart phone with a decent camera, start with that if you have to. It will still look good and is really easy to carry around with you. 

2. Tripod and phone mount: These are both cheap and easy to acquire on Amazon. And it means you can set your phone or camera up on a surface to record. 

3. Lighting: Use a window with good crisp daylight. Not while the sun is beaming straight at your face because you will look like a ghost, and be squinting the whole time. Or get one of those selfie ring lights that clamp to your phone. 

4. Computer: Most people have this, if you don't you can edit and upload right from your phone. It is crazy the stuff your phone can do these days. 

5. Editing program: Use the free software that comes with your phone, or computer. For iOS that is iMovie and for Windows there is Windows Movie Maker. I just switched to Filmora9 and it is so easy to use without costing too much. 

6. Graphic Design: This is for making your channel branding and thumbnails. I use Canva to help me with this. It is a free app and site that has customizable templates to help you create any graphic you need. 

7. Music: Royalty free music is sometimes a pain to source but if you are just starting out Youtube has a free music library you can download and use in your videos without fear of a copyright strike. 

There you have it, the seven essential tools you need to start a Youtube channel on a budget. Out of all of those things the only one you may not have is the phone tripod. 

I have been on Youtube for almost 5 years and from the moment I jumped in I have been hooked. It is so fun to interact with people from all over the world, make connections and share your passions with others. If you have been wanting to start a channel, you now have no excuse. What are you waiting for!!? No really what are you waiting for... tell me in the comments. 

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