How To Plan Content and Actually Post It

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It’s all well and good to say you want to post more content but TBH it is a total pain sometimes to plan it, produce it and then actually post the content. I struggle a lot with always having a plan but not executing, so I have been working hard to actually put the things I make out there. Promote them, post them, and stick to the schedule I created for myself. 

On this journey I’ve learned a few things that maybe you will also find helpful. 

  1. If you are trying to produce more content and post more on social media, then take photos all the time. Stop to take them while you are working, or before you make too much of a mess. I then edit my photos in Lightroom mobile, and save them for later. That way when you are lacking for content you should have a photo to post saved and ready to go. 
  2. Batch produce things like recording video, product photography, blog post writing, etc. and schedule them ahead of time. I will also edit videos and photos in batches so that they are done and can be uploaded and scheduled. Having everything queued up and ready to go has been so nice, it takes a lot of the panic out of my youtube channel, and shop updates. 
  3. Have a plan but don’t make it so rigid you have no freedom for creativity. If I over plan I feel overwhelmed and that just makes me freeze up and do nothing. So I generally know I need to post five instagrams per week, one Youtube video (on Sunday), and make at least two posts per week on my business instagram accounts. I also like to post one blog per week but I won’t be mad at myself if it doesn’t happen. 
  4. It’s ok to schedule your instagram posts. If you know the only way you are going to post on Insta this week is because you scheduled it, then it’s totally ok to schedule the posts. It doesn’t matter what experts say, posting is better than not posting. That being said I have recently started using Buffer to schedule my instagrams and I set them up as reminders instead of posting without my knowledge. This gives me a chance to take a break, copy the post from the app and put it up. Then I take 5-10 mins to interact with some other accounts, reply to comments and answer DMs. It’s been working so far. 
  5. You don’t have to do it all. Seriously you don’t. Pick a social media platform or two and do those to the best of your ability. But if you are going to do social, you need to engage with your customers. Answer comments and DMs, put your face in your stories and feed. Show your personality. Side Note: You don’t need to follow everyone back. Your feed should be a curation of what you want to see and that won’t happen if you follow 3000 accounts. 
  6. Track your numbers but don’t get stuck on them. How are you supposed to know if you are growing without tracking the numbers? I start every month by recording the number of followers on each of my social accounts and how many people are on my email list. I end the month by writing down the final follower numbers then find out the difference. Beyond that I don’t look at the numbers. 

Ok I know that is a LOT but I also wanted to share some tools I find really useful for content planning, creation and posting. 

The Content Planner: A Fillable physical planner that is made specifically for helping you plan out your content and build your business. I am on my second one and having space to really brainstorm content ideas, set goals, track metrics, and plan when and where things are getting posted has been instrumental to growth I’ve seen in the last year. You can get a copy of The Content Planner for yourself here before they sell out, which they will. 

Buffer: As I mentioned earlier in this post, I use buffer to schedule my instagrams. Buffer is both web based and an app, so you can schedule everything from your phone if that is your jam. I usually airdrop pre-edited photos to my phone and schedule through the website because I like to be able to use the keyboard to type (I feel old just saying that but, it is what it is.). I schedule out no more than a week at a time because I want to be able to adjust to what is going on in the world in case it all burns to the ground. The best part is that Buffer holds the formatting you do, so if you have spaces between paragraphs IT KEEPS THEM when you post. Buffer is free for up to 30 posts/month across up to 3 accounts so you can do a lot with that. Sign up to Buffer for free here.

Canva: I can’t not mention Canva. Especially with some of the awesome tools available on Canva Pro. The Background remover has been so good for taking out a busy background and sliding in a new one. I also use Canva to create Quote posts or Meme posts for my accounts. It’s easy to make a template and just keep editing it with new quotes every time I want to make a new one. Canva Pro is a worth it upgrade because you can save your logo, fonts and brand colours in a brand kit and then when you go to make a post, it is all there ready for you to make something awesome. You can sign up to Canva or go Pro here.

Tag O’ Matic: This is a hashtag generating app that has made finding related hashtags so EASY. You type in a keyword and it brings up a list of possible hashtags recently used with the one you searched. Then you just tap the checkbox to select the ones you want. You can search multiple words and it stops you when you’ve checked off 30 hashtags. From there it is one tap to copy them. I have started putting them in a note on my phone and airdropping that to my computer so I can paste the tags into Buffer in the description of my posts. Get App for iOS. Get App for Android.

Now I’ve given you all of my secrets (they weren't really secrets) go forth and post the shit out of your content. Don’t be afraid to repost old content, or put your face in your feed. Share your personality and follow me on Insta ( @_daniellemcallister ) so I can see what y’all are up to. 

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