How To Make A Plus Size Pleated Skirt For Fall

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There really isn't much to making a plus size pleated skirt except for a lot of fabric. Watch the tutorial here: 


Materials: Ruler, Scissors, Extra long tape measure, Fabric, Chalk, lots of pins, 2 yards or more of 3/8" elastic.

Step 1: Measure the widest part of your body. Multiply that by 3 and add 6 inches. This is how much fabric you need in Inches. 

Step 2: Cut fabric width to desired hem length. 

Step 3: Use excess fabric to cut a waistband that is cut on the fold and 4"x (Your hip measurement + 2") <-- this number is actually only half of this because you are cutting it on the fold. 

Step 4: Mark 1" increments along the entire length of the fabric then fold the knife pleats in the direction you want them to go. Pin them in place. You will need a lot of pins. 

Step 5: Fold waistband in half lengthways and sew 1/4" from fold. 

Step 6: Sew waistband to pleated side of fabric, making sure pleats are laying flat as you sew them.

Step 7: Feed elastic through waistband channel and pin in place at both ends. Be sure to cinch in elastic so the skirt fits well. 

Step 8: Match right sides together at waist along skirt opening and sew down seam. 

Step 9: Try On and make adjustments as needed. 

Step 10: Hem by folding up 1" and sewing down then fold up 1" again and sew down. 

Step 11: Put on and look awesome. 

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