How To Grow Your Youtube Channel Organically

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This year has been one full of milestones for my Youtube channel. In March I celebrated four years of uploading videos. Around the same time I had a slightly viral video that had my subscribers double in a few months and views reached over 1 million. In Mid July my channel hit 10,000 subscribers only 2 days before my birthday. We are just over halfway through 2018 and already it has been a big year. But I can promise you my growth has not all been down to one sort of viral video. I started really putting effort into Youtube about two years ago and have seen significant growth in that time. I want to share my top tips that have worked for me and I always share when people ask how I did it.

Be Consistent. Everyone says it is the key to growth and they are right. The moment I started sticking to a schedule and uploading regularly, I saw growth in views and subscribers. There are two reasons this happens. One: Youtube’s algorithm (yeah I know we hate the algorithm) needs to see your videos regularly in order to rank you and suggest your content. Two: Your subscribers need to know that you are coming back, and when. They will forget about you if they don’t see a video from you for a long time. Best Practice is to upload at least once per week but it really depends on what type of content you make.

Niche Down. Yep again this is something we are told time and time again. That must mean it is important. You should find a niche you can actually make videos about and then put your own spin on it. Sometimes niching down is not enough and you need to stand out by making your content special.

Comments Matter. I used to ignore my comments section and not interact with the viewers at all. About a year ago I actively started trying to comment back to every person who left a comment on my newest video, no matter what the person said. This significantly helped channel growth across the board. More comments leads Youtube to think that your video is popular, which then triggers them to rank your video and suggest it to more people. Best Practice is to leave a comment from yourself on your video just after it is published and pin it to the top of the comments. This comment should be a thought provoking question that is timely and relevant to the video. It is also recommended to ask the question in the video as well.

Research and SEO. Before you ever sit down to record you should always do your research. Look up trending topics, see what common searches are for your niche, what keywords are people looking up etc. This is sometimes a great way to find new video ideas but can also help you tweak existing ideas to be more “googleable”. After your video is ready to be posted it is time to master SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. Youtube gives you a ton of places to use keywords to help rank your video and they even allow you to use three hashtags in your title to be even more searchable. Be sure to write 2-3 sentences in the description box related to the video, and write a searchable but compelling title. Next fill out the tags section accurately with the brands mentioned, video subject manner, related keywords, names of similar channels etc. Best Practice is to be accurate. Don’t use clickbait or misleading keywords to get the video ranked. All that is going to do is send up a red flag to the Youtube algorithm and annoy your viewers.

Question of the day (see what I did there? :D ) Is there any other platform you want tips for? 

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