How To Add A Stockists Page and Custom Google Map To Your Website

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You are a maker of things, and those things are for sale in stores. Sometimes your customers want to get what you make NOW and having a Stockists page with a list of where they can shop in person is the perfect way to help them find you. Having a list of all your shops is also a great way to encourage your customers to visit new stores and see all the other fun stuff they have available, because if they carry your products, they must be awesome. :D


Add A Stockist Page and Custom Map To Your Shopify Store

Now on to the nitty gritty. How do you actually add the page and make it extra cool with a custom map? 

1. Add a new page and call it something that makes sense, like Stockists, or Shop In Person. 

2. Next up write a little blurb at the top. This is an opportunity to talk up the stores you're in, request store suggestions from customers and also let people know you are accepting wholesale inquiries. 

3. Make a list and check it twice. Gather a list of all your regular wholesale customers and their pertinent links and put them into a list. If there is a lot, then it would be a good idea to organize them by geographic location. This is a really good opportunity to check in with stores that haven't ordered in a while and see how they are doing.

4. Make a custom Google Map. Yeah did you know you can do that? So COOL. And it's also pretty easy. 

  • First you need to go to and get started. Make sure you are signed into the right google account so that the map is saved in the Google Drive you actually want it in. 
  • Now go to "Create A New Map" and start by adding a map title and layer title. from here you can search for the names of your stores or the addresses. When you find one click add to map on the pop up bubble. 
  • Once you've added all your locations, you need to click share and change the visibility to Public. 
  • Then next to the map title click the stacked dots menu and find Embed On My Site. Copy the bit of code. 
  • Go back to the page you created and click the <> button on the text box and paste the code into the area you want it to be placed. Click the <> again to come back and see how it looks. You may need to tweak where it's placed to get it just where you want but don't be scared to delete the code and re-paste it in another spot. 


Once you've got the page looking how you want, be sure to add it to your navigation menu in both the main menu and footer. Then write up the SEO title and description. 


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