Five Things To Do Every Time You Upload An Instagram Post

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It doesn’t matter if you have never used instagram or if you have been on it for years, if you are using the platform for business you have to treat your posts like they are part of your processes. 


  1. Be Authentic. Don’t fake your wealth, personality, lifestyle etc. Your followers will see right through it and turn against you. Instead be yourself, be honest, and don’t be scared to share the lows along with the highs. If you are more private that is ok, you don’t have to share everything. 

  2. Use Hashtags. Hashtags allow people to find you under the topics that are most relevant to your business. So use them wisely. You can add up to 30 per post and that includes any in the main body of the post as well as others added in comments. It is best practice to not max out the hashtags and only use the ones that actually work with your business and content. Switch up the hashtags you are using to be relevant to the post, but have a few hashtags you put on pretty much every post. 

  3. Comment Back. When someone leave you a comment, reply with a thoughtful response in a timely manner, not 3 weeks later. No I don’t want you constantly scrolling instagram waiting for comments, but you should check in for the first couple of hours a post is up. 

  4. Share The Post. Be sure to share that you have a new post through Instagram stories. Encourage people to go like it and leave a comment. This helps build crucial engagement so that instagram pushes your post to even more people.

  5. Don’t Obsess. It can be really easy to get lulled into the false sense of validation when likes, shares and comments come rolling in. But don’t let that go to your head. It can be pretty dangerous to let vanity metrics rule your life and have you panicking if one post doesn’t get as many likes as another. It’s ok. The world will not end if your post doesn’t do well. Tomorrow you are going to get up and post again so you have another opportunity to reach new people, engage with them and grow your business. 

BONUS: Think about how you will get all of these followers off Instagram and interacting with your business in a less passive way. Will you get them to sign up for a newsletter? Will you encourage them to buy product from your site? How will you get them to do more than double tap on your posts as they pass by your content? 

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