5 Free Apps and Tools That Are Saving My Business

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Alright ya'll lets just call 2020 and shit show and move on. If you are in a similar boat to me and you are trying to make your dollars go a bit further these days (or all the days). Well here are FIVE apps and tools that are saving me money and helping to save my business. 

Money Saving Business Apps

1. Wave Accounting. This accounting app/program is free for pretty much all the the things you could need. You can also register to take credit card payments and set up recurring payments which is awesome for setting up payment plans with your customers. Also their receipt inputting is SO DAMN EASY! It pretty much fills all the info out for you.  

2. Google Hangouts. Everyone is all about the ZOOM these days but I'll be honest I don't want to pay for it because I only need it a few times per month. So I've been using google hangouts. Yes you have to have a gmail account but a lot of people have one and it's not a big deal to make an account just to get to use hangouts for free. 

3. Instagram. Yeah ok I know it's a social media platform but this is such a good way to connect with your customers and start valuable conversations. Ask them questions, respond to their stories, and offer value without discounting your services. What you don't want to be doing now though is selling on EVERY post. You probably shouldn't be selling on every post in normal times either but now your followers will likely tire of the sales pitch way faster. Whatever you do keep posting and interacting with your customers. 

4. Canva. If you don't currently use Canva, get on it. Canva will change your life when it comes to batching content and creating assets for your website, and social feeds. Want to make a slick looking PDF freebie for your email subscribers? Use Canva. Want to create templates you can use to have a cohesive instagram feed? Canva has that covered. Seriously it will change your life. 

5. Calendly. If you are booking virtual coffee chats or sales calls then Calendly is a really good free option for booking meetings without a bunch of back and forth emails. Make sure to set your availability to the times you would prefer to take meetings and connect with your calendar of choice. Then whenever someone is looking to "pick your brain" or have a meeting you can just send them your Calendly link. 

Bonus: MailerLite. We should all be at least collecting customer emails. It can be as they order products, or as a pop up on your site, just collect the emails. Once you've got that going you can start using MailerLite to mange your subscribers, track open rates, and send professional looking emails to your customers. MailerLite connects with Shopify via an app as well and it is free up to 1000 subscribers. When things like a global pandemic roll around it leaves very little time to connect with our customers in person so being able to drop them a quick email to let them know what's up is so helpful. You don't need to email them weekly, in fact I would say don't email them unless you have something really good to say. The volume of emails we are receiving at this time has gone WAY up and you want to add value or offer some entertainment in their inboxes. Side note you can join my email list in the form below ;) 


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