10 Things You can Learn This Year

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I recently made a video about 10 things I want to learn this year and TBH some of them are things we could all be interested in. The video is sponsored by Skillshare however this post is not. If you are interested in joining Skillshare they've offered a free trial of Skillshare Premium to the first 1000 people who use my link

Anyway here's the list: 

Things I want to learn in 2021

  1. A bit about coding on Shopify. <- This one is already outdated as I've recently decided to not take on any new clients for the next six months so I can focus on my business Rebellious Clove. 
  2. How to wholesale my products. A huge goal for 2021 is to grow my business and have more steady sales. Part of that growth plan is to add more revenue streams within the business. Wholesale will allow me to reach a new audience and end up in the hands of new people. 
  3. Time management. I am a pro procrastinator and that needs to stop if I'm going to be reaching my goals. I want to be a better self starter and work out a time blocking system that works for me. I struggle with having every moment of my day scheduled so I have to find a system that will allow me some freedom while getting shit done. 
  4. Instagram strategies for artists. I think this is mostly posting WAY more than I do now and finding the people who want to see my work. I'm sure there is more to it than that but I will be turning to Skillshare to give me a boost here. 
  5. More bag making techniques. I desperately want to make a backpack sized for fat people and a crossbody bag that has an extra long strap. I've bought a bunch of books to help me design it but these will take a lot of prototyping, trial and error. 
  6. How to systematize my business. I have very minimal systems built into the day to day running of my business and making videos. I almost feel like I need a checklist for the activities I do the most. For example when editing a video I often forget to add music or colour correct. I won't notice until it's half exported or I'm uploading it. I need to build efficiencies and systems into what I do everyday. I think this will also help me when I'm ready to hire an editor. 
  7. YouTube growth strategies. One of my BIG SCARY GOALS is to hit 50K on Youtube in 2021. To get there I need some MEGA growth to happen. I've recently opened up channel memberships as a way to give anyone who wants some extra content. 
  8. How to make my own blocks. It's been a couple of years since I've sewn anything for myself and I would love to make things for myself again. To start I'd like to make custom pattern blocks. I've found a few Skillshare classes that look promising for this. 
  9. Better blog post writing. I am so not confident in my writing at all. I know I could write an essay with perfect grammar but a blog post is completely foreign to me. Again I'll be heading to Skillshare to up my skills here.
  10. Strategies for batching content and repurposing. This goes along side building systems into my business but I need to be batching and repurposing content as I make it. 

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